Sydney’s best spot for New Years Eve

New year eve in Sydney can not be rivaled, so if you are lucky enough to be here for New Years Eve then here is the best spot to enjoy this spectacular show for free!

Where to pitch up

Yes, you have lots of ways to watch the fireworks at new year but most great views are in areas of which you need to pay a crazy amount of money to enter. But we are the budget backpackers remember, so this was most certainly not an option! We wanted the best seat in the house and whats more we wanted it completely free!

So after reading a tun of blogs and searching google maps, we decided to check all the potential spots out the day before. We must have walked 20km around the city but couldn’t quite decide on the spot for us.

After much deliberation and scouting out the best spots, we found the Blues Point Reserve which is a public park, so no issues with access. For us, we were looking for a spot that was too close (but close enough) and it have the Opera House in the background. This spot was perfect.

The build up to the event brings people from far and wide, making it pretty difficult to have an uninterrupted view no matter where you decide to pitch. But if like us, you get up nice and early, then you will have a good chance avoid all the crowd.

Blues Point Reserve View Point, Images provided by Google Maps

So, what time to arrive?

Gates officially open at 10am, but you can arrive earlier to line up. Believe me, this area fills up quick, so the earlier the better. Once you walk past the gates, you make your way to the front of the shore and pitch your spot for the day.ย  FYI –ย  if you leave just an inch in front of you, late comers will see that as an opportunity to sit right in front of you and trust me, after sitting there for 12 hours its extremely annoying. So if this happens, send them packing!

Ready and waiting!

This is going to be a long day so make sure you pack lots of food, drinks, sun lotion and some kind of shelter from the sun (umbrella etc). We brought a few games with us to pass the time too and make sure you have charged you camera fully and take a spare battery if you have one. We kept ourselves entertained all day with enjoying the weather, watching the million dollar yachts going by and we even saw Santa having some down time in his Kayak!

Santa entertaining the crowd

Let the show begin

The show itself starts around 9pm with a mini fireworks display for the families to enjoys. This show is spectacular in its own right. This really does get you excited for what you will witness later in the evening.

As the night falls and the light dims the party boats begin to light themselves up with Neon strobes, which is seriously cools so get your cameras ready.


The countdown is projected on the pillars of the Harbor Bridge with the crowd counting together and as the clock strikes 12 O’clock, sit back and enjoy the show!

The Budget Backpackers

And what a show!!!!

Thank you for reading. Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for more tips and inspiration for your next trip!

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