The best way to see Iguazu Falls

There are two sides to Iguazu, the Argentine side and the Brazilian side. Both sides offer completely different views, but which side is best and how do you manage to see both sides in two days? Don’t worry, we have all the answers right here.

Argentina’s side

During our time in South America we traveled up through Argentina which made sense to visit this side first. The best place to base yourself for this one day trip is Puerto Iguazu. The town itself is a nice place and has the river which creates the border for the the three countries (Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil). Certainly worth taking a walk down if you have the time. From Puerto Iguazu, you can take a taxi or a bus Iguazu Falls. The price of entry is around the ยฃ30 mark, meaning its not cheap but remember that South America isn’t cheap either.


The entrance is more like a theme park with even a small train that takes you to the beginning of the walk. But once the walk begins, you will quickly forget the ticket price. The cascading waterfalls stretch over 3km and the view from start to end is breathtaking. Make your way down to the end and you will be literally be standing over the edge of the falls (get the camera ready). The park is split into two levels, the upper and lower. Uforunately for us the lower section was out of bounds as the local pumas has made themselves residents there for the week. Non the less be sure to spend all day here as we did. It’s totally awesome!


Brazil’s side

Crossing over to the Brazil side or vice versa is rather easy and stress free. Honestly, out of all the border crossing we’ve had around the world, this was the most relaxed. We simple took a cheap taxi from Puerto Iguazu to Foz Iguazu and the taxi driver sorts out the rest (they do this on a daily basis). We didn’t even leave the cab.

Foz Iguazu is pretty much the only place you stay can when visiting the Falls. We stayed in the Tetris Container Hostel. We took the local bus to the Iguazu entrance. Like Argentina the entrance is much like theme park with onsite buses that take you to the start of the walk. The Brazilian side of the falls most definitely has more tourists and feels like you need to fight for a photo when compared to the Argentine side. Never the less the views are incredible and you can walk right out to the foot of the falls (if you don’t mind getting completely drenched!)


Just like the Argentine side you will have amazing views across the whole park including the 3km cascades. Its truly breath taking!


Near the Falls you will find the wildlife sanctuary taking care of all the tropical animals from the area. If you have any spare time, its definitely worth visiting either before of after you explore Iguazu.


All in all both sides incredible and you would have a great time with either one you choose, but for us, we would recommend visiting them both. You will only be here once and if you want to have the proper experience of visiting the park then crossing the boarder is most definitely the way to go.


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