About Us

Hello and welcome to our travel blog! We are Hannah and Thomas, two 20 somethings from the UK who in 2015 decided to say goodbye to our careers, family and home to travel around the world. ย It goes without say, the world is a truly incredible place and for us just too amazing to let slip by, so here we are two years later and what a journey it has certainly been (and continuing to be).

Trust us, if you are thinking about backpacking on the cheap, then do not hesitate, take life by the reins and don’t put it off any longer. Some people will think you are crazy, some will think your brave but most will be happy that you are following your dreams.

Travelling isn’t just about Instagraming beach selfies to make your friends jealous on a monday morning, no no travelling is about experiencing freedom, independence, cultures, landscapes, meeting people you would never otherwise encounter and doing things you would have never drempt of in your wildest dreams.

Here you will find everything you need to set yourself up for an awesome travel experience.ย After traveling around the world for 18 Months on a tight budget, we think its fair to say, you are in good hands so relax and get inspired!