Our Resources

Here we have a list of really useful resources we use on a daily basis when traveling on the cheap:


  1. Booking.com is probably the most useful tool we used for booking accommodation
  2. Trip Advisor –  A tip when using trip advisor, always try to book directly with accommodation after finding it on here.
  3. Air BnB – A really handy tool to use when in the more remote places. It gives you a chance to meet local people who know places in the area the guide book have never heard of
  4. Hostelbookers.com – a good site that has more range of hostels compared to most
  5. HostelWorld.com – we found this website a little more user friendly than others
  6. Help X – A great way to work for your accommodation and to meet new people!
  7. WWOOFING  – Visit out wwoofing page for me information


  1. Lonely Planet guide books: https://www.lonelyplanet.com
  2. Rough Guide books: https://www.roughguides.com
  3. Insight Guides: https://www.insightguides.com/
  4. NZ Frenzy guide books- http://www.nzfrenzy.com/

Getting around

  1. Sky Scanner –  great for comparing flights during traveling
  2. Seat 61 – A very useful tool to have from with taking the train in different countries
  3. Kayak  – great for booking car hire
  4. Jucy Rentals  – We used Jucy once in Australia and had no complaints
  5. BookMe – We used this site to find bargains on the activities we wanted to do in New Zealand and Australia. Don’t use any other sites but this one, seriously its great!


Travel tech to consider

  1. Mosquito net  – The most important piece of travel tech you can own
  2. Swiss Army Knife – very handy to have when hiking or camping
  3. Door stop – simple but effective way to keep you door securely closed (in those dodgy hostels)
  4. Camera – Essential to capture those memories. Personally we own the GoPro Hero 4 and the Olympus OMD II  – Check out our Instagram feed to examples of quality.
  5. Hard Drives – Its super important to back up your photos. Personally we have two hard drives.
  6. Compact laptop or Tablet – Great for entertainment when sat in the airport
  7. Duel earphone jack  – nice to have when watching a movie together when on a bus or plane.
  8. A good pair of shoes – I walked over 1500km around the world in my Merrell approach shoes
  9. Travel towel – good for the beach, shower and for hanging on the dorm door bunk bed for a little more privacy
  10. Backpack – Check out our page on Choosing the right back pack



1. MAPS.ME – A really handy app that allows you to pin interesting places you want to visit. On top of that, it has preloaded routes for popular hikes and shows interesting places to visit in the areas you visit. Download is it for sure!

2. CamperMate – This is a handy app when traveling around Australia and New Zealand in a camper van. It has reviews of all the spots you can camp for free. It also has a ton of other features like where you can find free drinking water, paid campsites and public toilets. Trust me its an absolute must if you are thinking about living in a camper van.


Yeah i know, insurance is boring and nobody likes to think they will ever need it but make sure you sort yourself out with some cover. The most important thing to remember is that you must take out insurance before you leave your own country as getting it once you have left is extremely difficult and expensive.

We recommend using Compare The Market before traveling as this tool helps you find the cheapest deal suited for you. We deciding to go with Alpha Insurance and had no issues with these.

If like us you end up traveling much longer than you expected and run over the date you are insured for, don’t worry as we found a company that will insure but its not cheap.  Check out True Traveler Insurance. With a bit of luck these will be able to provide the cover you need.


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